Selling original PinePhone postmarkedOS edition, 3GB RAM, keyboard cover + more
(02-22-2022, 01:28 PM)ajtakrajta Wrote: Hi,
I never managed to use Pinephone as a daily driver. I hoped to use it as a PDA, but I do not like the keyboard after all. I'm a bit spoiled by mechanical keyboards. So I'm selling the Pinephone postmarkedOS edition with 3GB RAM and larger storage, keyboard cover, hard protective case, one screen protector applied and one additional unused. There's also extra battery charger, pins break-out board and USB-C dock. I always used it with the screen protector - no scratches.

I'm located in the EU, Czechia, so I paid the VAT for some stuff.


Price: A reasonable discount from the official store. I can demonstrate it's all working fine during a video call.

seems that you haven't allowed personal messages. i would make an offer, but i think about price though.

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