Which PineNote would you prefer?
without modem as announced
internal 3g/5g modem, higher price
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What sort of peripherals would you like to see for the PineNote? Internal 3g/5g modem
From what I read there will be a modem cable, I think.

So possibly they will offer a do-it-yourself kit to add the modem.?

Only problem I see with adding an internal modem is what about the antenna  ?

Perhaps an optional rear cover that has the anttena in it,  ?

But I guess a modem privacy switch may not be possible at this time,?
  someone creative may put a switch inline with the modem hook-up cable.

A cover/keyboard/prop like the PineTab has available would be icing on the cake..

A few optional choices would be nice :

1)  First you must have a base model at least,
          but maybe the option to purchase

2a)  A more expensive tablet that comes with the modem pre-installed.

2b)  A kit with all the parts so we can add the modem ourselves.

3) a kit to install a micro sd card socket

I wonder if the battery is easily replaceable and can we find a mainstream replacement.?
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