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What sort of peripherals would you like to see for the PineNote? Internal 3g/5g modem
The critics that a modem is a security problem is correct, but it also is an option and the security disaster does not stop without a built-in modem using an external connection to a … e.g. an external modem or ethernet or whatever. In case of the EG25 the risk might be lower than with other devices, because there is already a lot known about the firmware and as I understood open source replacement is being worked on.

What I'd like to see is an internal modem like in the pinephone that can be removed or even better separately ordered as an option.

The design would preferably be in such a way that it would be possible to disable it electrically (cutting power to the device) - like with the pinephone or librem5.

The huge advantage I see with the built-in modem as an option is that one would be able to use the device not only as a notebook replacement (including network connectivity), but also as a phone replacement.

As I understood the situation for phone usage there has to be a separate connection for the sound beside the usb connection for data and control. With an external device this would be difficult. Maybe I misunderstood this?

The idea to connect to a phone for network is in my opinion a bit outdated. I'd have to waste battery power of two devices and be depended of the functionality of two devices to just use networking. There are use cases, I know, but I'd prefer much a device that does what I expect on its own.

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