Network Access Error
(06-08-2016, 12:21 PM)Luke Wrote: From GUI ? if you are using the Mate de then open Caja, click the file tab and select connect to server. Type in your credentials set windows share and click connect.

I tried on my mate using Caja, I can see my all network like Apple TV, WDLXTV, EPSON Printer, Windows network and MYWORLDBOOK.

Myworldbook is my NAS drive and I can able to access this location only via windows network (that measn I have to click on windows network then select MYWORLDBOOK), so I have to keep my windows computer ON. But as soon as I shutdown my windows netwrok I cant access my NAS (Myworldbook i.e. WesternDigital 2tb, whitlight). All other network location like Apple TV, WDLXTV, I can access without windows network. 

Any idea why?


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