Pinebook Pro won't boot from emmc
Hello guys, 

I am a new linux user and I got a new pinebook pro. 
I installed kali ARM on the emmc by using a SD card after watching and reading some clips and articles. 
It looked everything fine at the first but After update, upgrade and rebooting it, it stopped booting. 
All I see is the solid red power light and it hangs with blank screen, when I press the power button. 

After a few tests, I can only boot from the SD card if I remove the emmc module from PBP. 
If the module and the SD card are both connected, it doesn't boot.
If the SD card is connected only, it does boot. 
It seems something is wrong on the emmc module and I want to reimage it. 

When SDcard and emmc are both bootable and connected, SDcard should boot first as far as I know but in this case, it doesn't. I am not sure why. 
Is there a way to boot forcefully from SDcard while the emmc module is already connected?
IF the emmc module is faulty, is there a way to test it? 

Try to get a USB adapter for the eMMC and do some tests that way.
I believe I have heard of cases where a bad EMMC image may cause the boot to fail, or an SD image might check for an EMMC image and try to boot to it.

Did you actually try running kali off of SD first? Not the installer but an actual installed image? From what I can tell, kali needs some modifications to work off of EMMC for the PBP. This thread mentions it.

You could get an EMMC adapter and try to edit the config files cited in that post. If you haven't read it, you should. And if you haven't worked with Kali before, you might want to try the live DVD, USB or VM version on a PC first, as it should be more capable of running some of the more demanding packages, and hass a lot more testing behind it.

If you're installing kali to learn it or learn how to set up and run some other distros, good for you. I think that thread looks helpful and it contains a couple of links that are as well. It's not the best system for general use, but I used it as my primary OS for a good while and it can run most any debian packages with a little tinkering. If you're looking to have a versatile debian distribution, though, you'll probably find an armbian/raspbian/debian install better.

I was thinking that there might have been a DIP switch or jumper that affected boot behavior, but I could be thinking about another device. In any case, the only way I would try to mess with a seemingly bad install or EMMC on a system you can't boot and reinstall to, is to pull that chip, put it in a USB adapter (preferably something running Linux as Windows doesn't support Linux filesystems and the applications that do are pretty dicey), and try to read it/write to it/erase it. As a bonus, if the EMMC is actually causing boot trouble, I think you should be fine to boot SD images while the chip is out, if you like.
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