Barometer/Pressure sensor (for floor count)

Fitness trackers such as the Fitbit Charge 2 feature a MEMS pressure sensor/barometer such as the ST LPS35HW. This is used to count positive floor increments and thus gives an estimation of elevation climbed throughout the day.

As an I understand it the PineTime does not have a barometer/pressure sensor.

It is possible a pressure sensor/barometer could be added in future versions of the PineTime?

In addition/alternatively, it is possible to interface with an external sensor such as a barometer via e.g. I²C/SPI using the PineTime Dev Kit? i.e. Are there any pins/contacts (GPIO etc.) exposed that would enable this?

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The electronics side is pretty easy. I2C comes out on test points and several ribbon connectors (meaning in principle you could make a custom board to add a sensor that clips in between the main board and the heart rate monitor).

However even if you take the "easy" option and solderthe I2C wires to the test points the mechanical side will still be a bit tricky, both finding somewhere to put the sensor and ensuring the wires don't rip off the test pads.

So, definitely possible and it has terrific hack value! Perhaps the best bet would be to 3D print an alternative back?
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@danielt Many thanks for the reply. I have ordered a PineTime and will take a look when it arrives Smile.

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