Seeking help.

I'm a total newbie to the pine64 phone.

I have no idea how to put an OS on to the phone, I've looked on the Internet but it goes over my head. I found UBports and downloaded their installer but it doesn't recognise the phone automatically.

When I select device manually, the pine phone is not on the list.

Is there a simple step by step guide on what to download on to the computer and how to download on to the phone.

I have Linux Mint as an OS on my computer.

I'm not a developer, so please be patient.

Thank you for your understanding.

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I assume you have a SD card lying around somewhere (and a SD card reader).

First: Download the image of your choice. It might be compressed (file ending in .gz oder .xz or similar),
in which case you need to uncompress it (f.e. with gunzip or unxz).

Next: run `lsblk` once before and once after you have inserted your SD card and compare the outputs to identify
the block device (probably something like /dev/mmcblkX - where X would most likely be 0).

Now you are ready to go: Flash the image to your SD card by running

sudo dd if=IMAGE_YOU_HAVE_DOWNLOADED.img of=/dev/mmcblkX bs=4M

You should pay attention that you provide the previously identified device under "of=..."

Finally you should resize the partition on your SD card with f.e. `sudo gparted` (you should be able to find some tutorials on resizing with gparted - and it's probably easier because it has a nice GUI).

Hope that helps
Thanks for the help but unfortunately my phone has died and no longer charges or turns on.

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