Mounting USB hard drive - error registering v4l2 subdevice

I've tried a few installs of the latest ubuntu now and every time i mount an external hard drive (using a powered usb hub) i get the same error and the unit will no longer reboot properly with or without the hard drive attached.

[VFE_ERR]Error registering v4l2 subdevice No such device!

I was hoping to use my pine to replace my existing pi headless torrent seebox making use of the gigbit ethernet and faster processor but so far i've not got any use out of it at all, is this error going to be repaired in future kernals?


i guess the latest version of debian yeilds the same related problem. has anyone managed to get a usb hard driver to remain workable or do i have a bum board?
While that is an error it does not matter at all and does not prevent your board from booting. It just tells you that you do not have a camera connected on the camera port or something. It is a good idea to disable the camera driver if you do not use it:

cat <<EOF | sudo tee -a /etc/modprobe.d/blacklist-pine64.conf
blacklist vfe_v4l2
blacklist vfe_io

Its not the reason for your issues but it removes the VFE_ERR ...
well it certainly hangs on boot on that message, how would i bypass it?

there is no camera connected but i actually think it might be a dodgy usb hub, i have another one coming this week. hopefully that'll fix it for good.

thanks longsleep Smile
tried as you suggested when i got home with a fresh install, now gives some other error and halts boot.

will have to see what happens when the new hub arrives.
Happy to report it was the usb hub causing issues. new hub arrived and everything working perfectly.

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