Pine64 Suddenly Turnoff with Lcd
Hi to all,
I've bought an official 7'' LCD with the case to use with one of my Pine64 (the first series, from the kickstarter campaign).

In my first test it worked without problems... But after a reboot it stopped working and now is impossible to boot with the Lcd attached:
Just after I plug in the power, it try to start booting, turn on the lcd all white and immediately the power led blink and it reboot itself, like if it have an error or it haven't enough power.

I've searched here on the forum and I've found many thread talking about power issue, but I'm currently doing many test and I'm not sure that's my case:
I'm using a 2.1A iPad Usb power charger and I've tried many different usb cables (even some with a big section), and even tried using a PC PSU directly on the pins 2+9 and 4+6, but it suddenly turn off almost all the time (It had worked another time randomly).
I've also measured the requested current, and it doesn't pass the 0.7/0.8A.
If I detach the DSI cable, all back to work normally.

Anyone can help me investigate this problem? Any advice?
How many possibilities there are that is a software problem?
In those case, there isn't any log about the boot phase? Any way I can understand if the kernel is not even loaded?
Any other test I can do to understand if it's a power related problem?

Just to give some other information: I'm using the Xenial minimal image by ayufan with the last uBoot/kernel/package etc
Also, I have 3 of this Pine64 and I've tried with all off them (with or without the wifi module)

Thanks to all for the help

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