Blood pressure estimation from heart rate sensor
(05-02-2020, 04:26 AM)lupyuen Wrote: Would this work for detecting stress with PineTime's Heart Rate Sensor?

"Continuous Detection of Physiological Stress with Commodity Hardware"

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Based on section 3.1.1 of the paper I don't think so - they're explicitly using an electrical chest mounted sensor not an optical wrist mounted sensor due to the greater accuracy. You'd have to do another study to see whether the optical sensor in the PineTime (or a better model in a production version?) was up to the job. You could of course use the PineTime to collect the data from the BLE chest sensor as well as the optical sensor. My guess is that the BPM would be similar if the wearer has the watch strap tight enough, but I've no idea whether there'd be an accurate proxy for the R-R measurement they talk about.

I've no particular expertise in this area - a while back a friend had to make a pulse oximeter as a university project and I read some of the reference material he had as it seemed interesting. It was enough to make me wonder how the stock software on the PineTime was getting oxygen saturation without a second colour of LED, let alone the blood pressure.

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