PSA: refrain from using r/pinephone
We are a community driven project and therefore embrace just about everything our community does and makes. The community maintains our chats, the forums, our Wiki and even elements of our website. The community also actively participates in many facets of our decision-making, which even extends to creation of new devices and improving existing ones. In short, the community makes us what we are.

It is therefore with a heavy heart that I ask you to refrain from engaging with a community ran subreddit: r/pinephone. The way the said subreddit is ran stands in direct contraction to our values and those of our community. The growing number of reports concerning nefarious motives of the subreddit has now lead me to explicitly ask to you to stay clear of r/pinephone

I wish to underline that we have, on more than one occasion, reached out to reddit directly requesting a transfer of ownership. On both occasions our requests were rejected.

Lastly, I wish to make it known that all the above relates specifically to r/pinephone. To our knowledge all other community-ran PINE64-related subreddits are moderated in accordance with common sense and in good faith.
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May I ask what the reasoning is?
There's a thread about it here:

Luke_Pine64 Wrote:Let me make it clear that this PSA has nothing to do with buying or selling second hand PinePhones. You are welcome to do with the hardware as you please; I also assume most people area smart enough to sell things that belong to them in a safe way. Its your device - period.

The reason for this PSA is that the lead moderator on r/pinephone has repeatedly behaved in mean, disrespectful and outright inappropriate ways. The reason we take issue with this is that he does so in 'our' name; I have now 8 inquires from people asking why we [PINE64] banned them from the said subreddit. I have no intention of letting this stand any longer.

Tseu_Chef Wrote:The issue isn't really the mods, it's just the lead mod. Until recently, I was a mod at r/pinephone and noticed some questionable things. For one all mods except the lead mod only have email rights, meaning all mod actions are done by the lead mod. The lead mod called a user a name so I DM'd that mod to inquire what their beef was and in response I got a sort of paranoid 'who are you? are you from pine64?' (paraphrased). This led to the rabbit hole of searching through their reddit history and finding a lot of interesting bits (i.e. on an AMA about a ww2 soldier 'why didn't you shoot yourself, I hate soldiers' again paraphrased).

The head mod appears to be the wrong sort of cray-cray.
I'd stay away from Reddit altogether, not just r/pinephone.
Their userbase does nothing but complain about everything, smear everyone, and talk negative about everything and everyone.

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