Taxes and import charges to the Netherlands
I'm interested in buying the (UBPorts PinePhone). I wonder about any extra taxes and import charges though. I live in the Netherlands and when I receive packages worth more than roughly €30 from outside the EU I've had to pay taxes and import charges before, which can add up quite a lot, often up to 50% or more of the original price.

Does anybody know from where the phone will be shipped?

And did other people in the Netherlands already order PinePhones to their home?
I am also interested in any answers to this! I do believe they ship from China based on other comments.

Did you pay 50% before? I had to pay VAT on the things I bought outside the EU (21%), but not a special import tax.
I paid EUR 46.32 for a PP CE last June. It was shipped from Hong Kong to the Netherlands through DHL. I think it is VAT + something added by DHL. No extra import charges.
The PinePhone replaced my N900! Well, almost...

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