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1. Doesn't have a search feature, or it hides.  Maybe I found it once.  I'd like to look up references to u-boot on the PBP because now that I have all the hardware to install my new SSD I have no idea how.  I'd like to use grub-uboot and have the boot menu select Linux and OpenBSD (the PBP should be a mainstream OpenBSD platform as of about OpenBSD 6.7).

2. It doesn't email me, ever.  I can subscribe to a topic and specify that I want emails on replies, I never get any.  My email address in my profile is correct.  I get emails from the Pine Store OK.

3. Posting pictures is weird and doesn't seem to work, even when I put them on Imgur and link them here.

These might be just configuration options in the board software.  I'm sort of used to having them work on other boards.
, [Image: mRYOzK6.png]

1) Search is there ^ You can actually get pretty good results using it too if you specify the subforum, username of the person associated with the post and the keyword.
2) Strange, I've not had this problem - perhaps all notifications are going to spam?
3) I usually upload whatever I want to include up on imgur and then just paste the link (example: the searchbar in this post).
You can find me on IRC, Discord and Twitter

Wot about that "Custom" field in the left column of our profiles, can we edit that?
OK, you don't try to use the image button then. When I paste a link to a picture I mostly get a link, not a picture, but the image button is less useful. is an example, there are a couple screenshots in my post in page 6. You probably can't just write the html to stick them in yourself I assume (didn't try). Like <img src=""> I don't "do" drag and drop.

If other people get emails, then OK, it's just something I'm doing.

I usually look for the closest search button to whatever topic I'm reading, because I don't want to search everything. Like from that coronavirus page above I can't see a search button, even if I go out to News.

China's quarantine is a model for the rest of the world BTW, it'll probably take months to get it figured out here.
MyBB uses MyCode for markup.



[Image: 282px-Pseudotsuga_japonica_togasawara04.jpg]

Or if you don't want it to be lost when the image host goes down or purges files, attach it, preview the post to get the URL, and use,

[Image: attachment.php?aid=1723]

You can use the above image embedding code in other posts as well, you don't have to reattach it every time.

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Got the image thing, unless I forget, thanks.  They're like code or quote
tags, I've seen them around.  I thought you had to use some other host for the image file so it didn't take space here.

[Image: BNgWjgE.png]

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