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This is an attempt to nail down a basic set of apps people would generally expect a smart watch to have (from a discussion in chat):

* Heart rate monitor

* Clock (set time and date (with zone), timer, stop watch, alarm) - attempt to sync with local phone clock data

* Step counter

* Notifications (from phone)

* Weather forecast

* Predicted calorie burn (based on user input height, weight, age, etc)

Stretch and reach:

* Breaking news (possibly from an RSS feed from phone)

* Navigation (open street view from phone, use case: navigating whilst on a call, texting/messaging, browsing, watching media, phone charging in a backpack, etc)
Hi Barray, I am new to PineTime, did you have any luck with this? Also any advice on setting up the HW? Thanks!
At the moment it's a target, not something any of the current software can do so far as I'm aware. None of it seems impossible, and most if not all could work with Gadgetbridge to sync with Android devices. Much of it could use standard bluetooth GATT messaging and work with anything that supports that standard. @bergzand is probably the closest so far in that the PineTime code (RIOT-OS) has a matching GadgetBridge fork, even if it's only communicating time and battery state so far.

If you're new to this sort of hardware I'd give @lupyuen's series of posts a read. VSCode on a Raspberry Pi is quite an accessible programming and debugging interface, although WIndows and mac alternatives are covered too.

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