Cases and cooling
I ended up buying  
iUniker Raspberry Pi 3 B+ Case with Cooling Fan.... along with a Dremel. It fits rock64 after a few cuts :-) (my board came in a cardboard box so was not able to follow

Fan works great (I think I can use the P5 connector and then cut out space for the regular GPIO pins to be usable in this case). I ended up hacking together a stress script to plot charts ala Stressberry that works on the rock64 and the pi. The fan is definitely worth using based on my quick tests.

It came with 3 heatsinks and tape. 2 Aluminium ones with fins and a solid copper one with no fins. I was going to use the bigger finned one on the CPU but wondered about what to do with the other chip. Do nothing or use either the copper or aluminum one. Any thoughts/comments on that?

EDIT added PNG (SVGs not allowed by forum) of temps
.png   temp.png (Size: 111.85 KB / Downloads: 212)
I posted some tools to for monitoring. Running fan on low is noticeable quieter than high and temp difference isn't huge.

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