Marvell - 88SE9128 Raid Controller not detected
Hi there,

I am pretty new to this whole topic and therefore that might be a noob question  Angel

I’ve bought a ROCKPRO64 and my goal is to build a NAS with openmediavault. For Powering the HDDs I had ordered the cable by pine64 but somehow I forgot to order the raid/sata controller. 

In hope that everything would work here I just bought a Raid Controller online now, actually it is a Star Tech 2xSATA Raid Controller with Marvell - 88SE9128 Chipset. As soon as arrived directly pluged into my rockpro64 but unfortunetaly I can not see the Raid Controller and therefore of course also no Disk ... :/ Google around a bit and checked with lspci etc but never able to see the raid controller. 

Can you help me out here please? Or is this Controller simply just not supported with the rockpro?  Blush

Thanks a lot for your Help,
Kind Regards,

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