vcgencmd clone and remote monitoring
I found but I've not found a vcgencmd  for any rock SBCs.

I use which is a cool (and free/opensource) app for Android for remote (well, local to LAN) monitoring and rebooting Raspberry Pi devices. You can use it with any Linux (like - it relies on some Linux tools, not sure it would work on BSD or others due to reliance on some userspace tools).

RasPi Check relies on a few calls to vcgencmd, so to avoid errors and get some useful output (like CPU temp) I faked out an incomplete version. I posted it


Where should I post this? The forum here appear to be for each rock board (e.g. I suspect this will work on Pro boards as well as the old pine64 board). I'm not clear this appropriate for the general forum.

What are other people using for checking (and occasionally running "stuff") on their boards?

Thanks to everyone who posted to the wiki - that was how I found a bunch of pre-made images :-)

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