Single board computer for coding classes (Python / EduBlocks)
I taught coding at a private school for several years (first LegoWedo, then Scratch). I taught children from 5 to 12 years old. Children want to develop further in the direction of coding, so I want (after the winter break) to open a class with programming in Python and EduBlocks.
That's why I'm looking for single board computers for my class.

What do you recommend to me? My first choice was Raspberry Pi, but I'm a big fan of Pine64 (I use Pinebook Pro on a daily basis, and Pinephone (Brave Heart) will be coming soon Smile).

I want to be able to install a simple linux OS (debian, manjaro, ubuntu) with Python and a browser (EduBlocks).
I would also like to be able to connect additional sensors to the boards in the future (temperatures, distances, etc.). Ideally, the board should be compatible with the Grove system.

What do you recommend from the Pine64 family? Smile

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