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How did we do this year and what could be done better?
I have not actually yet gotten my hands on any products, so can't say much about that. It seems you did very well, delivering more than promised.

Personally, I didn't know about Pine before the phone project started. At that time I had been waiting for Purism's Librem phone to come through (I had not ordered it, though) but when I found out about the Pinephone, I soon switched camp. The main reason was the way these two projects communicate. Not to go too deeply into this but I think Pine communications are a lot more a reflection of what "open source" seems to symbolize (for me). It seems a lot more "relaxed" than the sort of desperate appeal for my values that the other company tries to pull me in with. I guess I see Pine communications and branding being more honest than what I have come to expect from practically anyone these days. I think you should really focus on how to keep it up now that you are becoming more mainstream. As long as the software support isn't perfect, it is very easy to annoy the less hobbyist customer who forgets or doesn't understand what he is ordering. Or maybe you should have a strategy to focus on the hobbyists while the software catches up with the products?

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