DHL texts me an says my Pinebook Pro will be here today, Friday the 29th.  The website says it has an "exception". I call them,and they tell me it will be delivered today.  Every time I must deal with the incompetence of DHL my heart sinks and I despair.  Of course it did not come today.  Why would it, I took off work to be able to sign for the package and of course it is not here.  If there was a way to hire an attorney and recoup the losses from DHL, I would do so.  How do theyeven remain in business with the level of incompetence they exhibit???????


If there was another way to ship pine products, even if much more expensive I would gladly do so.  DHL sucks beyod imagining.
DHL has its upsides and downsides - you have just experienced its downside. I have had more headaches with DHL than most - so I empathize.

We are actually experimenting with a different shipping method with the PinePhone now (for the dev and Brave Heart phones). This shipping method too has upsides and downsides. We'll see how it goes - perhaps there will be multiple options in the future.

Anyways, hope you get your unit tomorrow.
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This is the first negative Post I have seen about DHL,

I received the notice from DHL that my PBP was shipping from Hong Kong on a Thursday morning,

And it was delivered at 3:45 pm Friday afternoon.
I was amazed !

From Hong Kong to Tucson, Arizona, USA .... under 2 days.

I have had 'some shipments' from China take 60 days

I truly sympathize with anyone who happens to be the exception... I understand the Anticipation and then the disappointment when it does not arrive.

Could this have possibly been caused by the civil un-rest they are having there at this time.... ? ?
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