Based on the November update's comment thread, a PineReader project was abandoned. While the PineTab will help further such a venture ($100 full computing device for reading, right?), I would suggest revisiting the idea when the company CLEARink makes their screens more widely available for projects.

They are a next generation epaper solution which boasts color and video on epaper ideas. While their displays have a slightly shorter battery life than the epaper we are familiar with, it is still drastically lower than an LCD display. They have also stated before they expect their screens to be cheaper than current epaper technology due to a simplification in the hardware from current epaper tech.
I hope for the future of new display technology too Smile.

But lets first make the Pinetab a success and let us as community create a great touchscreen experience with a good ebook (comic) reader for tablet use. We can then always replace a lcd display for a eink screen as prototype.

I myself hope for a >=10" eink reader with reading lights, to be able to read pdfs ; besides epub and cbr
TCL NextPaper - Color video reflective display tec - in production now.
Colour e-Ink?
Make it ~A4 Papersize-ish, with perfect black & white contrast, some sufficient colour rendering (*) and suddenly you'll interest tons of scientists as a device to read and review papers on.


(*) - I don't need perfect colour reproduction. As long as coloured graphs are readable, and optionnally I could use primary colours (red or green) to scribble notes that's perfectly fine.
If there's a text readability vs colour reproduction compromise to make, I would strongly ere on the side of the black and whit text reproduction.

(Saddly currently the most lucrative market for large colour e-Ink seems to be advertising posters replacements, so the larger formats seem to heavily favour vibrant colours and animation speed)

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