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I thought I understood Docker, but maybe not. I'm running ayufan's Ubuntu on my ROCK64; uname identifies it as aarch64. When I run Docker (via Kubernetes) and ask for a multi-architecture image, I get this error:

    no matching manifest for linux/arm/v8 in the manifest list entries

But Docker Hub lists the image (rook/ceph:v1.1.2) as built for both amd64 and arm64 architectures. I thought aarch64 and arm64 meant the same thing, with userland calling the architecture aarch64 and kernel calling it arm64. Is that not true? How are these names related to linux/arm/v8?

If this machine pulled an arm64 image, would it be able to run it? Maybe my Docker is just misconfigured so it doesn't recognize what it can run.

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