(03-12-2020, 04:21 PM)ChriChri Wrote:
(03-10-2020, 04:20 AM)t4_4t Wrote: And all of the above devices operate with a power supply in the range of 2.7V to 5.5V.
Therefore, the "PLT133/T8" you have selected should also work with a 3.3V power supply.

Just arrived. Now I'm looking for a plug that fits into the socket of the board and didn't find much information, yet.

About a connector. Look for 2mm-pitch crimped wire three circuits connector, for example.
Just to prove a concept, I took old but brand new TOTX177A transmitter with 5V supply requirement and done this way:

[Image: attachment.php?aid=1715]

P.S. letmegooglethat.com is just for fun, the question phrase actually is not obvious. Good luck!

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Thanks, JST PHR-3 did it. I connected the transmitter already and it does emit light.

I connected my RockPro64 to a little amp by toslink and analogue cable. In Android I did get sound on the analogue output, but not on the optical output.

In LibreElec no SPDIF showed in audio setup and I didn't get sound via analogue output neither (but it worked using bluetooth).

I just looked very quickly in Archlinux and didn't get any sound at all.

Did anybody successfully try yet the SPDIF output and if so using which software?
(04-04-2020, 11:24 AM)ChriChri Wrote: Did anybody successfully try yet the SPDIF output and if so using which software?

Works in armbian buster. It showed up as Sink #2 (alsa_output.platform-spdif-sound.stereo-fallback) and I could play sounds to it using paplay. Toslink connection works also Smile.

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