Linux distro that will work with Kodi?
(09-15-2019, 12:43 PM)snoopy_ca Wrote: Hi, the LE build supports PCIe cards. I have a NVM SSD connected via a PCIe card and it works with LibreElec without any problems.

What PCI Express card do you have? There were some reports, that the Pine card causes some trouble. Check out the following thread:

I am using the Shinestar card ( This card works well with most of the distros released so far for the rock64pro board and I using it now with OMV without issues.  the problem is getting Kodi to work with the distros. I gave up and made a NAS unit out of the rock64pro board. For the self contained unit with kodi I will probably wait until the Odroid H2s are back in stock. Thanks for the thread link I will check it out for future reference

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