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Bug Reports - Remix OS 2.0
Last Updated - May 5th 2016 - 12:35pm EDT

How To Submit

To help facilitate things please include the following information when submitting a bug report at www.pine64.pro
  • Pine 64 Model (A64 512 MB, A64+ 1 GB, A64+ 2 GB)
  • Operating System (Debian, Ubuntu, Arch)
  • Equipment Involved (Routers, Switches, Peripherals, Etc)
  • Issue (Whatever It May Be)

Before submitting a new bug report please check to see if there is already an issue listed in either the Bugs Reported, Bugs Confirmed or Bugs Repaired section that matches yours. If an issue that matches yours has been submitted then simply Contribute to that report.

If there is not an issue that matches yours listed then please submit a new bug report via the form included in the New section.

Pine64 Pro Team.

This section contains bugs that have been reported but not confirmed. When enough community members and the Pine64.Pro team have confirmed the existance of the bug(s) posted here it will then be moved into the Bugs Confirmed section.

Play Store Loses Authorization
  • Reported By: beiriannydd at pine64.pro
  • Reported On: April 29th 2016 - 1:02pm EDT
  • Pine 64 Model: Pine A64+ 2 GB
  • Operating System: Beta 1
  • Equipment Involved: Storage

I think this is an OS bug rather than a kernel bug. Play reports "requires authorization" or more esoteric errors after a few minutes of not buying things. removing account and re-adding is a work around.

Total Reports: 2
View full report here www.pine64.pro

Gigabit Ethernet Issues
  • Reported By: moondarkx at pine64.pro
  • Reported On: April 26th 2016 - 10:59am EDT
  • Pine 64 Model: Pine A64+ 2 GB
  • Operating System: Beta 1
  • Equipment Involved: Network

Gigabit ethernet on Pine A64+ 2GB is not working using Remix OS or Android, it detects IP but has no communication. Tried several other combinations of gigabit switches and connections (for instance, directly connecting to a computer). Using a 100mbps switch seems to solve the case, however some routers do not have the option to use 100mbps instead of gigabit (for instance, airport extreme/express). Also, some bakers brought the more expensive boards for projects that need gigabit ethernet and android/remix os system. Gigabit seems to work just fine in Linux.

Total Reports: 2
View full report here www.pine64.pro

This section contains bugs that have been confirmed by various sources. Details and explanations of these bugs will be provided to further enhance the knowledge base of the community until a solution is developed and fully tested.

No Confirmed Bugs

This section contains the solutions and workarounds for bugs that have been confirmed. These solutions may be operating system specific or will work in general for all systems.

No Repaired Bugs
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