Anyone gotten this to work on pine products?

I've done some googling and theres's *some* activity with openshift on arm but only as recently as 2016, there's a bit more on docker and kubernetes on arm. I know someone else mentioned they were going to try it, thought I'd make it a formal thread.
I've been running kubespray on 6 node rock64 cluster for a while.
I have 7 nodes but one keeps crashing with either emmc or SD card. I think it's faulty. Swapping power supplies/etc around doesn't make a difference.
I should add that there are a bunch of networking features in kernel 4.8+ (4.9 better) and CFS fix in ~4.18 so may find less than ideal setup using Rock64/etc without mainline support. Good for a lab I guess, I prefer my amd64 kvm hosts though.

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