Screen flicker and tearing

I discover two issues with ROCKPro64 GPU drivers:

1. Constant screen flicker with display resolution above 2048x1280. For instance, I was able to reliable reproduce this with screen resolution 2560x1600 with LXDE, KDE and Mate.
I expected 2560x1600 to work as resolution is within the "4K Digital Video Out" spec advertised on product web-site. Issue is reproducible via both of HDMI and USB-C, by the way.

Switching from 2560x1600 to 2048x1280 as workaround is highly undesirable because image became blurry, which is very noticeable on 30 inch display.

2. Constant screen tearing, i.e. not working V-Sync in Xorg session (to reproduce this issue move windows around, play video in web-browser or desktop player). I hoped to get red of this issue by using Mutter Wayland session, but so far I found "Mutter on Mali" guides only for ODROID boards. On ROCKPro64 with installed Mali Wayland driver gdm3 just crash on start with both of enabled and disabled Wayland support in /etc/gdm3/custom.conf

I tried all combinations of modesetting dri2vsync and pageflip options, tried no compositing, default mate compositing, and all variants of kwin vsync options, issue is reproducible with every combination (which is why there is rkmpv wrapper that allow to watch video without tearing, I guess).

Is there any proper (not workaround-ish, like rkmpv, which is less then useful for my usecase, unfortunately) solution for these two issues? Like, maybe, newer GPU driver that not crash gdm3 and Mutter?

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