Unable to boot any armbian linux
Using a SanDisk Extreme V30 128GB. Also tring with samsung Evo+

AOSC working without problems.

Each time I boot different errors, usually mounting /tmp, zram or other similar. Sometimes stack trace and automatic reboot.

Latest dev builds are broken?

That was my experience as well. It's a paperweight.

Whatever you do, don't post something on the Armbian forum!

        == John ==
More detail 

@vicsanca, not sure what board you have, I have the H64-B. I'm using a Samsung EVO+ 32G and the 128G SD cards. 

The post here: https://forum.armbian.com/topic/10818-pine-h64-wont-start-with-armbian/ says sometimes Armbian works, sometimes it doesn't.

I requested a "Last known good configuration" URL posted if the "Ready to test" builds are really that unstable.

Turns out, it's not supposed to work at all. 

Armbian support:
Quote:You are using a board that we don't support at all (even it could just work) and you wasted few hours of my time for nothing at all? 

Asking Armbian to document WHICH board they support (A or B) as well as the "last known good" configuration (considering the first email trail said that the builds may or may not work), is apparently a waste. My request for specificity was rejected. 

In the spirit of open source, I'd make the change myself, but of course can't contribute because they have the forum locked down for spammers. 

So this is apparently the only note that will let you know we're screwed if we purchase off the PineH64 store today, and want Armbian to work.

Armbian support:
Quote:Bard [sic] support costs are estimated to start at 20.000 EUR/year and you and neither HW maker pays virtually nothing. Solo this is a reason to do absolutely nothing when it comes to add support for yet another hardware. Use Android or whatever junk is supplied by the board maker. 

Emphasis character attributes mine.

        == John ==
Ok. Forget this. Armbian folks have categorically stated that the H64 board is unsupported; either that or the H64-B. Posting any status about it is wasting people's time, in their mind.

This makes my decision really easy ... I'll buy 5K units of Raspberry Pi 4 and just delay our launch for 2 months.

It's not worth it.

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