First Manjaro Mainline build!
Installed Manjaro the other day and ran into an issue with the ethernet connection. Transfer rates came down to zero when submitting large packages. As a result I was not able to update the system or browse the internet. I ended up copying the rk3399-rockpro64.dtb device tree file from an armbian installation to my Manjaro installation. With that device tree file everything is fine and I have a fast ethernet connection. As Manjaro uses the mainline kernel, it seems as if there are some kernel mods around which haven't found their way into mainline yet (mr.fixit's kernel is working, too). Browsing the armbian forum, searching for rp64 related information, I found a thread where a maintainer described the cumbersome process of submitting patches to the mainline kernel.  So one can only wait until, hopefully,these patches will be applied to mainline.

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