New user - couple of issues
My 1080p Pinebook arrived this week. Here are my first few issues. Hopefully someone can help.

1. No audio device showing under the volume control on screen, and no sound.
2. Updating is failing. Looks like it wants me to provide credentials, but that pop up disappears immediately.
3. Trying to install Chrome, I get a dependency failure.

Any help would be appreciated.
I think there are known issues with some Linux distro's with regards to sound.

Are you familiar with the procedure of installing a new/different OS? You can run another OS directly from an SD card (leaving the internal EMMC alone) to test whether your audio issue is hardware or software related, and see if updates will work correctly there.
On Manjaro KDE, I've found this command helps with the audio issue. Problem is you have to run it after every boot.

pulseaudio -k

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