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I use to have several Raspberry Pi's for small project work but got bored with them and passed them on. I am now looking at sbc's once again but with a slight difference. I want to use one as my only computer. I currently web browse, emails, doc storage and editing, watching and storing movies/music. I tried with a PI and it wasn't possible but is it possible with a RockPro64 please?

I am also interested because I am about to set up some off-grid systems to teach young people about off-grid power, such as cycling to make a smoothie. It would be great to hook-up the RockPro to that system as well. Using a 5v plug makes it possible.

If I bought the RockPro I think I would also buy the NAS Casing and the Mid Profile heat sync. What else would anybody suggest please?

Thanks for the advice.

Note: I don't have the RockPro64 myself.

I believe it can be used as the only machine if the needs are limited. It should work fine for basic browsing, email, etc. Check benchmarks for the RockPro64 and similar devices:

It seems that RockPro64 is usually 10-50% more efficient than Pi 3 (depending on the benchmark).

I hope to get a Pinebook Pro once it is released. It will be based on RockPro64, but should come in a nice package in a form of a notebook for a reasonable price.

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