Adding RTL8723BU Chip

I have observed that Rock64 supports RTL8723BU WiFi/Bluetooth Module

Hence i would like to know how should i connect the RTL8723BU Chip to Rock64 to get WiFi and Bluetooth Working.

Attached is the Chip Pinout Diagram and their functions i got from the chip manufacturer.

What's clear in my mind: Connect D+ and D- to USB's Data+ and Data- lines, 3.3V and GND to Respective pins of Rock64

I have checked the Technical Reference Manual and Datasheet (Pg.33) for RK3328 and it says that I2S1 supports PCM

But as can be seen in the Pinout, there is SYNC pin as well.

So these are my doubts:
1. Can I connect PCM pins IN, OUT from RTL8723BU to Rock64's I2S1_LRCKTX and I2S1_LRCKRX respectively?
2. To which pins of RTL8723BU should i connect Rock64's I2S1_MCLK and I2S1_SCLK?
3. To which pins of RTL8723BU should i connect Rock64's I2S1_SDI and I2S1_SDO?
4. Where should i connect RTL8723BU's Suspend and WO_WLAN pins

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