GPIO performance 100x slower compared to Raspberry Pi 3
ya know, those shared object files can be decompiled. so if you are interested in a bit of reverse engineering you might could get a much closer look at whats going on inside the .so if you could crack that egg and get the pro doing excellent GPIO you might be able to get tllim (owner of pine) to supply a few test boards to you and maybe hook you up with some rockchip engineers/devs, if you get to a proof of concept. tllim has been generous over the years to devs who produce, and even to some who ended up not producing. be nice to someday see a thread titled " rockpro64 GPIO 25x faster than rpi" in theory i suppose it is possible just needs someone with skills and the time.

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RE: GPIO performance 100x slower compared to Raspberry Pi 3 - by dkryder - 03-23-2019, 04:16 PM

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