GPIO performance 100x slower compared to Raspberry Pi 3
Right done a little more investigation

Ran a logic analyzer on the Raspberry Pi and the RockPro64  ... and they both test back good ... the only difference is the speed.  

Blinkt Initialization on the RockPro64 GPIO using SPI DAT = Pin 16\BCM23  CLK = Pin 18\BCM24

Looking into the source code of the Raspberry PI 3  their implementation of RPi.GPIO does not use the /sys/call/gpio interface.
The python GPIO library is a wrapper of a c library

This library  writes directly to the GPIO device in the SOC


The process appears to consist of writing to some memory address space (semaphores/registers) to control the GPIO.
This is obviously a lot quicker and deterministic than trying to write to a file in Python.

Python R64.GPIO takes 530us  to toggle a Clock cycle  /sys/class/gpio equates to SPI Clock of 1.8 KHz
Python RPI.GPIO takes  4us to to toggle a Clock cycle /dev/gpiomem equates to a SPI Clock of 0.25MHz

People have tested the Blinkt up to 4MHz and 10MHz ...  but there is not reports of a minimum clock speed!

Clearly the RockPro64 GPIO performance via Python R64\RP64.GPIO is just too slow to get teh SPI interface working.

I will have to see if the RK3399 has a faster way to program the GPIO

I will post my progress.

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