Thoughts on Linux OS vs Just Enough Linux Media Boxes
As a long time developer i recently bought a Rockpro64 for a totally unrelated development that i am working on but over the years have developed my own embedded Media OS along the lines of the original OpenELEC and more current LibreELEC or CoreELEC and am interested in moving them off the Amlogic platform over to the Rk3399 SoC and am curious as to what the general consensus with regards to the emerging SBC scene is when it comes to a fuller embedded linux system as compared to something like LibreELEC thats really more of a Kodi driven development.

Over the years i have become well aware of the issues with the newer Mali based GPU's and the lack of a real working graphics stack that actually makes use of the advantages of the Mali's being used and a few years ago a couple of us RE'd our own solution and created blobs to use with newer kernels then typically supported by the Manufactures BSP's being provided, so i understand most of the issues currently trying to be solved both privately and publicly.

Currently i am working on a Debian version with kernel 5 support as it need it for my other project but am just curious as to what peoples thoughts are as to just fixing the graphics issues in Debian and then running Kodi properly built for that as compared to splitting my time and trying to support the Media box scene. I realize that people working on Android boxes would naturally prefer something like LibreELEC but i am more interested in what people moving into the SBC scene would think is better. 

sorry if i step on someones toes but i am not in any way interested in anything to do with Anroid tho.

thanx and i look forward to seeing what peoples thoughts are.

also as a hardware guy i must say i am extremely impressed with the rockpro64 and its capabilities as compared to a few of the other boards i have looked at.
Personally, I think that sounds like a great idea. I've been trying to get a desktop running that will also run Kodi/Emby to replace my current full size tower that is used as an HTPC/media server. I'm using the NAS case and 2 HDDs, but can't get a stable image that has a desktop, recognizes the PCIe and SATAs, AND runs emby/kodi.

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