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The phone project is pointless
The phone project is pointless if it will use a quectel module, since these modules uses android internally.
If you goal was get rid of android, you wont.
Ok the module is isolated from the main board, but it still has access to a lot of information like:
phone calls numbers/audio, sms, gps, mobile urls and data...
if this is the project, its better a 50$ android phone.
The pine phone might be pointless- if it has rounded corners.
Actually, a portable phone-sized handheld device with a complete QWERTY keyboard and Linux on board might be a great idea and it might come handy for Linux enthusiasts in cases, where laptop is too large/inconvenient to use, but regular smartphone won't do either (no good smartphones with physical keyboards + Linux on board).

Unfortunately, UMPC market is very underrepresented.

There are/were a few devices that fit the description, but they're either come at crazy prices, or are very rare and outdated (like now-defunct Nokia N900, PocketCHIP, Pyra).

A mainline linux phone with a full-featured physical keyboard would be an instant buy for me.
It would be more like a linux PC (UMPC) + a android phone...
But Im not sure what module/modem will it use in the final project...

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