Windows 10 desktop port
Rpi3 has arm64 windows 10 build

Iot for pine/so pine port to rockpro64/rock64 
Would be a plus.
Quote:Would be a plus.
definitely. despite all the pvssies not willing that a normal OS will come up on the SBC arena. even here, someone made a negative rating to the above poster just for the question about it!... jeez. but I'd say, it's not a "trivial" task to get Windows work here. Of course, Windows has a lot better development structure than any linux ever had, this speeds up process of bringing Windows support to a board, but still, nothing has been done yet. SoC vendors should start first. It's them who need to provide all the needed drivers, just like PC motherboards/laptop vendors do. RPi has an enormous community and foundation behind it, noone else could compete with them in this. No wonder they have achieved that first. Also they ported edk2 (UEFI)... It shows. If MS will have some interest in having their OS running on these tiny machines (why they should?*), then the SoC vendors will care not only about android. It will happen at some point in future, but, unfortunately, not so soon.

* - by the way, linux dudes, those, the core ones, hardly care about linux running on SBCs too. it's all made by enthusiasts, that are far away from the core developers.

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