IRC and Discord Chat Restructure for 2019+
A little bit of community chat maintenance. With all the new gear coming this year - and with brand new categories of gear being introduced  - the IRC and Discord have been updated to reflect this and to accommodate the growing line of PINE64 devices. The current list of channels attempts to strike a balance between granularity (I don't really want to have one channel per device) and having everything discussed in one or two channels as it was until now. We'll see how it plays out.

The IRC and Discord chats have now all been bridged, and IRC logging has been updated to include the new channels.

We currently have the following channels:
  • #pine64
  • #rock64
  • #pinebook
  • #pinephone
  • #cube
  • #offtopic
Quick Overview of the Channels
  • #pine64 is where you connect to by default in IRC, and the channel is concerned with discussion on Pine A64 (+)/ LTS, SOPine, Clusterboard and Pine H64  
  • #rock64 is concerned with discussion on Rock64 and RockPro64
  • #pinebook concerns the Pinebook, Pinebook Pro and PineTab
  • #pinephone is solely meant for the PinePhone Dev / end-user product
  • #cube is for discussing CUBE IP-Camera  
  • #offtopic is an unloggedchannel for off topic conversation
Suggestions welcome.
You can find me on IRC, Discord and Twitter

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