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Hi!. Hi there!
Just wanted to make a quick post and say hello. I just got my Rock64 and have flashed the Android images. Sad to say Im dissapointed its all android TV and not a normal Android interface. Have had to sideload several apps that play store says I can't have.  I bought this as a replacement for my rk3188 tv stick running KK.  Funny story about that stick. It had a broadcom wifi chip with an external antenna I broke off and couldnt get a signal and my soldering skills suck So...  similar hardware had the Realtek rtl8188eu chip. I just flashed it with a dif image that used the realtek and bought a usb dongle that was rtl8188eu (etv) and it worked very well. Glad I could pull that little wifi gem out and keep it in use with my new board!!!! Not super proficient in Linux but have been a regular Ubuntu user for 10 years and Am up for any testing.

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