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Does the Rock64 single board computer (1, 2 or 4 GB ram) have a PCie slot?
Hello everyone I'm thinking of getting a Rock64 single board computer and I'm wondering if it has any type of PCie slot (slot for external gpu) because apparently it's GPU is not that good and I'm getting the 4gb variant of the Rock64 SBC because I want to use it as a mini pc when I'm out and about so please can someone answer?
--Thanks in advance
The RockRro64 has PCIe, but you'd need drivers for the GPU and I do not think anyone has gotten eGPU working on the board. The Rock64 doesn't have a PCIe interface.
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Then is it possible to get a PCie slot connectes to the usb 3.0 or gpio pins?
There are external GPU enclosures compatible with Apple's Lightning connectors, but none yet for stock USB of any grade. Also, I think you'll have a hard time finding good drivers for ARM if you're thinking Nvidea or AMD...

There are good drivers for the Mali and it is plenty of graphic power for anything the processor can run.

That said, a more modern Tegra or similar would be nice, but the chip alone would nearly double the price of the board.

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