SATA issues
(08-13-2019, 07:00 AM)Nikolay_Po Wrote:
(08-11-2019, 11:23 AM)hexxx Wrote: Hello, did the new 12V 7.5A fixed your issues w.ith the nas case + sata pcie card? I am having issues with a nas system that I ordered in july and freezes randomly running omv with 2 hard drives connected.

You need to collect more data for further investigation. The kernel log is most important thing. For hardest cases, UART serial output may be the last option to collect the information. Being a developer, I'd connect SBC's serial output to serial input of another computer with serial logger running. minicom terminal is enough to setup a serial port and store the output into a file. Real time logging may greatly help to investigate the cause of freezing.

Also, you need to try different distributives. You may try to choose something with latest kernel version (most freezes are kernel problems). Then to install OMV over selected distro.
Try this instructions:

Quote:BTW, the customer support is garbage. I asked for help and they told me to look for similarbissues in the forum. I am never going to buy anything from them again. 200 usd wasted.

As I'm understanding Pine64 business, they are selling mostly development boards, development platforms. Not a complete hardware and software solutions. They are warranting that the hardware is assembled in correspondence with circuit diagram and is in good condition. What software to load into the board is up to a customer. Hardware bugs in CPU or another integrated circuits on the board should be addressed to these IC manufacturers but Pine64 stuff. Software bugs - to software maintainers. I don't know, but it seems to me Pine64 have none software development team. Just because end users have very different tasks that can't be covered by common software.
It is not like a, say, Internet router or TV set-top-box. If you need a router, your'e buying a router. Such devices have fixed functionality and fixed software from a manufacturer. This is not the case with Pine64. The ROCKPro64 is much more universal, than a NAS. Look at the LVDS display interface, camera interfaces. The SBC is a platform for embedded developer to test his (her?) ideas in hardware. Then to develop his own PCB with Rockchip CPU which will exactly fit certain design needs.
Pine64 are selling SBC and NAS case separately. As a components for DIY NAS. And software assumed to be DIY too. Just re-checked. Pine64 store doesn't offer a "NAS" or a "NAS kit". Only the SBS and a case for NAS separately. So the NAS building, including the software, is customer responsibility. All this is explaining why Pine64 support is unable to provide you with a solution. Only the community may help. But an efforts from your side are needed. Start from different distributive trials and log collecting.
Hi Nikolay, I'll try Debian and OMV over it. As soon as I get home I'll check the kernel version and logs to see if there's something there to be analized regarding powersupply or other issue.

I don't think its software related I think that the PCIE-SATA board is failing. I sent last week an email to them asking what alternative PCIE-SATA board can be used to buy it and test. Development boards doesnt mean that the whole kit with suggested OS won't work. 

Thanks and I'll keep you posted.
Here was a discussion with quite similar error messages about SATA interface:
In that case the topic starter have tried to remove ugly jumpers from STAT lines. My opinion the SATA board which is supplied by Pine64 shop has bad SATA signal integrity by design. SATA adapter PCB design is badly violating the requirements for SATA signal integrity interface. If you have some soldering skill for though hole components de-soldering, you may try to replace plastic jumpers by short direct wires. The topic starter (the link above) was unable to remove the jumpers accurately enough and damaged a board. So soldering skill is "must have" for the option I'm recommending.
OK. Instead of desoldering, do you know any other PCIE-SATA card that works?

(01-18-2019, 03:00 AM)flocke196 Wrote: I have exactly the same issue, using the official Sata Card on "stretch-openmediavault-rock64-0.7.9-1067-arm64.img".
The connected disks (2x WD Red 6TB) are connected/powerd by the official adapters, that cam with the NAS case. The psu is an official one, suited for the NAS use case.
Any ideas on this?

Due to these issues, i am even not able to create a filesystem on a HDD. So, the RockPro is not usable as a NAS at the moment.

I will give "Ubuntu 18.04 minimal" a try, as Belakor said, and report if these errors persist.

Edit: Issue persisted until i updated the psu (official 12V/5A --> Leicke NT33402 12V/7.5A).

Hi, I'm having the same issue, using OMV.
I have to reboot my system to make everything work again.

Could you tell us if it's still ok for you ?

Edit: Well, I bought the 12V/7.5A Leicke NT33402 psu: my SBC never started.
(08-17-2019, 05:03 PM)aldrick Wrote: Edit: Well, I bought the 12V/7.5A Leicke NT33402 psu: my SBC never started.

Try to disconnect the PSU from SBC board then turn on the supply. And only after the PSU is on, insert PSU jact into the SBC socket. This will make more sharp supply voltage rise to be detected by RK808 power management controller more reliable.

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