Lightest Weight OS for PB
(12-09-2018, 10:04 AM)Surehand53 Wrote: I tried DietPi yesterday as well. It worked.
I had to create the SD card twice though. The second time was successful. I have dd'ed the image.
Also every now and then the boot process fails and I end up with the final message that Ethernet could not be started. I think the actual reason is a different one but I have not checked as most times a power off/on solved it.

DietPi only needs 170M memory at startup incl LXDE and feels quite responsive. Definately a good candidate for a lightweight environment.

I booted archlinux via sd, and used that to write dietpi to the emmc. dietpi booted first try on the emmc. but failed 4-5 times after, worked once, failed several times. So dietpi doesn't like the emmc any more than the sd. Something about dietpi seems different than the other distros. Maybe it's a timing thing, I dunno. But archlinux, q4os, manjaro, and kde neon all seem to work without problem; same laptop, same sd cards, same emmc. smells like something fishy with the dietpi image to me.
I would l love to see something like Tiny Core Linux or Alpine Linux running on a PB and the upcoming PB Pro, though I have some concerns about finding ARM-friendly Docker containers for the latter, and whether either of TCL's ARM ports will wotk on the ARMv8-A microarchitecture of the PB's ARM Cortex-A53 CPU. Big Grin
I was into TinyCore for a while. Wonder if it might be something to consider for the camera cube?
Maybe puppy linux is great for pinebook too!

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