On counterfeit SD cards
(04-21-2016, 11:28 AM)Shady2tree Wrote: Well I am looking at new Micro SD 128g I need one for my tablet/phone/and now PINE64  [no i dont NEED that much space but as a nerd I WANT it]

Hey, maybe if you're feeling charitable you could host a torrentbox and seed large files. You know, raw Linux distros Wink
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I have nothing but good things to say about buying them from B&H Photo, I've also bought some  from Adorama Camera.  A 128 GB High Endurance is $26, I have half a dozen or so but I keep buying more computers.  All of them still work fine, the oldest is a couple years old (64 GB).  High Endurance refers to frequent writes, these were originally meant for video surveilance cameras where they're constantly being written to then overwritten.


256 GB is $55, I haven't tried one of those yet.

This makes a difference.  
.png   sdauth.png (Size: 5.64 KB / Downloads: 7)   I've returned lesser Sandisk SD cards for replacement and by them B&H and Adorama are both legit places to buy from .
 1) I really do not think your odds of getting a counterfeit card from EBay are any more likely than from Amazon,

    Just because you 'Like' them does not improve their odds !

2)  The camera shops may improve your odds from the start, but some may be better than others at replacing
      a counterfeit when you do find one.

3)   'Places like'   NewEgg can vary, especially in their 'Market Place' 
  >  but NewEgg is fairly good about replacing  Defective items.

  I have seen only a little Testing software,  Testing a 2TB drive could take you Days
    I have not seen any fast testing software for the really big drives.

  IF you really want a large drive you should run the test(s) as soon as possible, there are obviously more testing software
  programs for Windoze, but there are a few in Linux.
 You will have a much harder time getting it replaced/exchanged/refunded if you wait,  "I bought this last year it's no-good"  !

 >  If it "Sounds too good"  to be true,  It Most likely is a fraud...

   Use your 'Common Sense'  that will 'improve' your odds, and test ASAP ! and Deal with places that will exchange or refund
    defective merchandise.

   These days even a reputable seller may come across these drives,
           but they will be eager to keep their good name.

Common Sense is likely your best Defense.,

Expensive does not guarantee it is legit.

Cheap does not guarantee it is a fraud, but, maybe suspicious. ?

Do Not rely on short reviews such as : "Works Great" just because it 'Works' does not mean has been tested to compacity.

Flash Cards and Flash Sticks seem to be the most common, not seen as much in the other drives, but it can be others as well

( NOTE : This Post is strictly My Opinion, from my personal experience, I am not in the 'Sales' Profession )
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I test all my SD cards with F3.


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