Wrong resolution and very slow start of wifi.
I have some kiosk built on Raspberry Pi 3 doing advertising in various places. Wifi or wired.  They work fine but I am looking for potential replacements.  Would like more RAM and faster wifi.

I am testing Rock64 with 2gb ram and using the emmc along with Odroid wifi dongle. The one with big antenna.
I loaded Bionic desktop LXDE.  I am at the point that I have it boot directly into Chromium and to a web site to get the graphics for the kiosk.  All is running with 2 problems.

The wrong resolution is being used. It says it is 1920x1080p/60.  The color is poor/wrong and its a grainy display on full screen.  I am using HDMI on to a Visio 32 inch TV.  (RPI3 work correctly on the TV).   Using xrandr command it says the resolution is 1824x984 when running RPi3.  Its 1920x1080 on the Rock64.

Second issue is when using wifi and following a reboot,  it will often fail to establish a wifi connection in time to connect to web site.  I do a sleep 30s before launching which made it better but not 100%. I could increase the sleep time. Just wondering if there is something else.

The resolution issue is the show stopper.  Any thoughts on how to get it correct.

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