Is it "late October" yet?
Maybe, I'd like to think that with fiddling they could still do 1366x768. It would maybe be more correct to list a maximum resolution. I got my Rock64 down from 1920x1080 to 1024x768 by using an EDID file, that can probably be done with the Pinebook too. Some modes are enabled, some aren't, with the Rock64 anyway.

If I knew it could only do 1920x1080 I wouldn't buy it. That's fine with a 24 inch monitor, but 11 or 14? No. I'm using a 22 inch instead of my 24, and reading glasses, I make more mistakes writing code because \m looks too much like \n (for example) except it won't compile so it ends up costing time. I don't live in a TrueType world, I can't just scale everything. Maybe they'll replace the 4:3 14 inch with a 16:9 17 inch?

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