Getting root on RockPro64
Hello everyone.

I have a little question about root. I installed Aida64 to get info about the board and I have discovered an entry, stating the device is rooted.. Ok, but SuperSU nowehere, so I decided to install it manually. I downloaded the apk and installed it, and after I ran it, error message appered. "Device not rooted".. So I am little confused, but ok, I know what to do, but I need TWRP to flash SuperSU and other flashable things..

Is it possible to flash with "stock" recovery? I haven't found TWRP for RockPro64 anwhere, but I suppose I can use TWRP for another RK3399 device.. If I mess something I can always reflash to stock via AndroidTool..

Also I tried to flash Ayufan image to see if it is rooted or have Gapps installed, but I cannot get it to boot.. Downloaded right archive and flashed with Pine64 installer but it won't boot.

Any advice how to get another recovery there, will be helpful.. Thanks for response Smile
You could install adb/fastboot on a PC and then using a USB cable hook the rock to the PC using whichever USB port on the rock, it might be the upper usb2 port. Then open a term on the PC and try "adb reboot bootloader" that might drop it to the bootloader at which point try to see if it is locked. If locked try "fastboot oem unlock" or "fastboot flash unlock" or whatever the current command is. Try just "fastboot" and it will show the current commands. BTW, it is best if you install the latest USB utilities from Google on the PC in order to have the most up to date ADB/fastboot to work with.

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Well.. When I was digging inside the adb shell, I have discovered the SU binary is already there.. But there is nothing like SuperSU app.. So I can use root only over adb.. But I have a few android apps, which require root, thus setting root permissions on app request is needed. Manually installing from google store gets me "Not rooted" error after SuperSU is ran.

I tried to access recovery, but there is no video ouput. I can access the adb shell, but I am not able to flash anything. Even sideloading does not work. I need something like TWRP and I discovered some rk3399 images, but I am not able to get them boot, because when I type "adb reboot bootloader" I am brought to LOADER mode and fastboot commands does not work.

Is there any way how to get there any app like SuperSU? I have rooted many phones and tablets, but this device not.. Everything that I know must be installed from recovery. Also some One click root apps did not work either..

Thanks for any reply..
Root ability would be very useful! I don't have a cable to connect to PC.

Can the image be patched with root from a PC?
yeah, SU binary is there but i have always thought it is in a directory that is somewhat non-standard in that SU usually ends up in a different folder if SuperSU is flashed. but SuperSU has never worked on the standard android builds for the pines, it breaks the install. the rock64 pro has yet to have a rooted build released so there is at this point only some other boards which have a 7.1 and maybe a 6.0 build that is rooted which if you understand source you can study and perhaps learn how to modify a rock64 pro build. another thing is to run SuperSU and "compare" the file structure of that build with the file structure of a rooted build but, as i found out, that is very time consuming process and still did not produce a working rooted build by SuperSU. of course another option is to send chainfire [author of SuperSU] several rock64 pro boards and 100euro with a request to please get his SuperSU to be able to root the android build on rock64 pro [and maybe other boards Smile ]. you might could get a crowdfund from interested members of the forum to help in the project.

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