Sharing first impressions as new owner
If I remember correctly, I used some kwibo devel and some nightly from, I don't remember versions.
Recalbox was beta 2 downloaded from
Recalbox image thread at

Then I tried android images again with cooling fan attached. No luck, it freezes at some content loading. Waiting for my serial console to investigate what is going underneath.

I read your reply and tryed LibreELEC-RK3328.arm-9.0-devel-20180925231446-b4e31e2-rock64.img.gz, but unfortunatelly video and iptv stream playback was unusable.

After all that I tried to build image from official repo.
I have cloned
First I used 8.90.005 tag, but it was kind unstable for me. Then I switched to master and builded aarch64 image and addons. Some addons are not aarch64 ready yet.
I had some time at weekend and tried some addons. Among them were simple iptv, sledovanitv and hts.
Experimenting with game addons led to some freezes and crashes, but it's not main goal for me.
IPTV streams played seamlessly all day without any crash. Cpu temperature was about 42'C
After installing inputstream.adaptive addon, sledovanitv was even more usable.

While I was manipulating with usb peripherals, I had to play with board directly beacause I have no enclosure yet. I found out, that power is failing sometimes, when I slightly touch psu connector or bend cable. I will try to investigate what is going on there exactly.

Hypotetically this can be my unstability problem. Psu connection on board is unstable, board cannot draw enough power sometimes, mem corrupts which leads to crashes. 

All that means all my tests can be meaningless and I have to stabilize power line first.

If someone is eager to try to build own image from source, here are some commands (
Prepare at least 45GB free disk space.

ARCH can be 32bit arm or 64bit aarch64

to download all source code before building (speeds up build time)
#PROJECT=Rockchip DEVICE=RK3328 ARCH=aarch64 tools/download-tool

to build image with proper bootloader
#PROJECT=Rockchip DEVICE=RK3328 ARCH=aarch64 BOOTLOADER=u-boot UBOOT_SYSTEM=rock64 make image

to build all addons use
#PROJECT=Rockchip DEVICE=RK3328 ARCH=aarch64 scripts/create_addon all

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