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(11-21-2018, 01:34 PM)khaosgrille Wrote:
(10-26-2018, 05:50 AM)tux_on_tour Wrote: As of friday 26.10.2018 the image has no partition table.


sorry for no response for such a long time. I forked ayufans building script and will release the first version soon.

It is working right now but i need to clean it up a little bit.
I changed the first post with a bunch of new updates.


Thanks for your hard work.

I had up till now only limited success building my own gentoo install as I did not get the network connection to run.
I think that I wait till you made a working version so I can brake it again trying to optimize it.


quick update from me. I had few problems with scripting the last steps. I have given up (quite early honestly) and  done them by hand  and here is an image (

I  only made a minimal image without X or any tweaks. If u use a sd card as a medium I strongly recommend using TMPDIR on tmpfs.
SD Cards have not enough space/inodes and compiling several packages in a row is nearly impossible.

If everything works fine I will make a bigger announcement in the forum. I would like feedback and hear about things you would like to add.

The /boot dir is currently not quite working in the script (but in the image). Sadly I will be to busy to finish the script.   I just copied the /boot and the /boot/efi/ from ayufans ubuntu^^.


PS: The image is for 16gb SD cards and is with DHCPCD aswell as the arm/17.0/Desktop profile.
EDIT: username is root and pw is "rock64"
packages.. built... 

arm64 systemd desktop profile used.. 


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