PADI + OpenOCD + Raspberry PI + Native JTAG
Hi folks,

I managed to brick the PADI beast after a few brave OTA experiments. GC0 recovery method helped me several times but finally it's dead and not booting into Default Image anymore.

I'm going to use raspberrypi's native SPI/JTAG interface to program/debug PADI. 

Am I right in connecting this like? 
JTAG name / PADI / PI pins
JTAG_TRST - GE0  - GPIO 7 or 8 (tap reset)
JTAG_TMS  - GE3  - GPIO 25

I suppose PADI doesn't have dedicated system reset pin, right?

I was looking for existing board/target config files for PADI, is there anybody walked this street already?


not sure if you have seen this before.
(09-11-2018, 08:37 AM)dkryder Wrote: not sure if you have seen this before.

Thanks! Sure I saw it and am trying to follow. The picture has no device reset pin assignment, only JTAG_RESET.

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