Pine LCD on Rock64Pro
good afternoon. I know that this is an old thread and do not want to start a new one. I have done some googling and yet to find any resolution for the pine64 7" touch screen working with the RockPro64. the connection ports are all present on the RockPro64 but no configuration to allow it to function under linux. I would love to get this functionality to work as I am using this or would like to use this for my DashPC control unit. I have used this with Raspberry Pi's and the response time is very slow at best.

having use of the touchscreen is a required function for this.
Bumping an already old thread.

Surely someone can simply post the requirements for this screen so that someone (such as myself) can add support for it to the standard kernel. Is it a devicetree configuration that hasn't been published, or perhaps a driver configuration? Previous comments in this thread suggest that it is simply a configuration issue and not something more involved.

Please, post the technical data so that we can actually use this touchscreen display with the standard kernels!

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